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Stay & Play in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu was formed in 1938 when the Parker Dam was constructed. Now the popular lake is sought out by vacationers who love to boat and go off-roading. Lake Havasu has an area of 30 miles and is 45 miles in length of beautiful blue water with a surface elevation of  448′ deep.

Cruise the Bridgewater Channel

Lake Havasu City has a wealth of hospitality services. There is no shortage of places to stay, eat and drink. If you don’t have a boat or off-road vehicle, there are plenty of places to rent one for the day. There are also places to rent paddle boards and jet skis. 

In 1971 the London Bridge was reconstructed highlighting the Bridgewater Channel for all to see. Piece by piece the bridge was brought over from London in 1964 by ship and then trucked to Lake Havasu. The London Bridge is a highlight one must see when visiting Lake Havasu City.


Enjoy Lake Havasu & Parker

If your planning on visiting or living in Lake Havasu or Parker, you need a few water and sand toys. If you don't have a place to store your toys, let the Havasu Storage Guys help you find a safe and accessible place close to the playground of your choice. After all, you are here to have fun!

Storage units for Sale Lake Havasu
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Your toys are minutes away from the fun!

The convenience of having water and sand toys, RV’s and trailers included, easily and readily accessible is priceless. Here on the Colorado River there is so much to explore and so many things to do.  Call Havasu Storage Guys  to find the perfect place to store everything you need to enjoy the Colorado River and all her surrounding beauty.